Learn Whispering for mastering joy and success in all areas of life as you whisper your neurology and psychology into the relaxed alertness of peak performance states

Learn skills than give more than whispering stingrays, deadly snakes, big lizards and birds as shown in the above video.

Living Joy & Respond-ability

Jedi style skills for a better Life

This three minute video is a demonstration of how whispering can bring you astounding Joy. These Jedi Skills give you the ability to respond so you have better outcomes in all areas of your life when things are good, ordinary, tough and in extreme emergencies. These skills are life-saving.
You’ll learn to control your emotions, behaviours, focus, motivation and operate from a place of relaxed peak performance.
This is all based on Neuroscience and Jungian Psychology so it’s a solid method backed by science. You’ll get three coaching sessions with the course to help proper skill development.


LearnWhispering for a Joy & Success based life

Whispering is initially about relating to nature. Animal whispering trains you to develop your neurology, psychology and core life skills for more Joy & Success. You learn improved life skills to do everything better; your job, study and relationships etc.

To relate and commune with nature means you are in a relaxed, peaceful place, so the animals feel safe and will relate to you. Your new skills will be evident by the results. Wild animals can behave from a place of trust, instead of fear and survival instinct. My videos demonstrate it like they are domestic pets, but they are all 100% wild.

These abilities are yours in a safe way for both you and them. Then dealing with life’s tough times means you have the skills to function with reduced stress, better learning and better relationships. LearnWhispering for the Master skills for life!

Learn Whispering for Joy in all life as it is the same skills with animals as it is your job, academic study as whispering is our core life skills

Talking to animals so they act and trust you is a learned skill. Did you see me whisper the 100kilo+ Stingray in the top video? Did you see the wild Kookaburra I’d never met before that I held for over 5 minutes fly back to me?

How does it help You?

This video snippet shows a 100% wild Koala letting me remove paralysis ticks. It’s an unpleasant procedure. Note how I accidentally pull his fur and scratch his head firmly but he continues to clearly demonstrate he is willing. Notice his curious responses even though it would have been unpleasant for him.

How whispering animals helps any situation with rapport and peak performance states for best outcomes. This wild Koala demonstrates receptiveness and they are usually antisocial animals.

As the Koala video shows, my Whispering State meant I could relate with a typically antisocial animal. He was calm and welcoming throughout an unpleasant procedure, even when I pulled his fur accidentally.

Koalas were classified as endangered in 3 of its 4 stronghold regions (States) in Australia in 2022. This was probably this Koala’s first interaction with a human ever!
This is the power of whispering correctly. A remarkably profound experience to have with a super cute animal that is a global icon. How long would you feel overjoyed to have this rare intimate experience? Even I was blown away with joy for over 12 hours.

The planet-me people, profit driven companies and government agencies are actively assisting their extinction. Whispering is for #PlanetWe people so we are all here in 500 years time, including the now endangered delightful Koalas. The full interaction with this Koala is over 5 minutes long and is in the video course.

Stages of Whispering: State, Relate & then Create!

The 3 stages of the whispering process are State, Relate then Create. These ensure safety, connection and communion. You then having access to your peak performance abilities in all of life’s circumstances to create outcomes you want. The video explains and demonstates the stages.

How to whisper animals. The 3 stages State Relate and then Create

Stage 1 State: This is the combined status of your mind, emotions, feelings and body. The correct Whispering State activates all aspects of you into a better neurological and psychological condition. Mastering your Whispering State makes everything else easy. It is the foundational skill of consciousness.

The Whispering State is a continuum in terms of its depth and consistency. The advanced Whispering State that I cheekily call the Jedi or Yoda State can give you exceptional abilities. The advanced Whispering State can save your life in emergencies, give you photographic memory, creativity, keep you safe pre-emptively and give you exceptional intuition. It gives you the ability to change instinctual reactions to a behavioural response you choose. It develops your sixth sense and you’ll notice you can speak and relate telepathically with the animals.

Stage 2 Relate: The Whispering State is firstly about you relating to you. Then stage two is relating to nature or humans.
The better you understand the species, animal or human, and its behaviour, the better you can whisper and get along with them. Relating has two layers. The species specific aspects. This covers their general abilities and behaviour patterns. This is really important for safety reasons. What is OK or unwanted by both you and them? Behaviours and actions in one circumstance may be dangerous with a different species.

Know your species before you attempt to whisper them. If not stay safe and keep the whispering and activity at a safe distance. Notice how I will kiss and rub my face into certian parrots, and others I will not. This depends on that animals temprament, behavioural history and our current moods.

The second layer is the specific animal/human. What are their individual tempraments and behaviours? Like humans some animals within a species maybe nicer natured and some are dangerous. The more intimate the interaction with any animal the more you need to know it as a person. For intimate touch with an animal requires deep trust by both of you.

Stage 3 Create: This is where your whispering skills are used to create the things you want in your life. Whispering is a function of how you consciously and unconsciously operate. Thus the skills to relate to a racoon are the same functions of consciousness that you use to complete your days work. Thus whispering helps you create the things you want to make life good.

STOP being a slave to negative emotions: Live Joy!

Most humans tend to be a slave to their negative emotions. A slave as their emotions take control of them and that leads to bad decisions, actions, speaking inappropriately and other worse outcomes. 

Here is how you develop your skills to use your emotions for their true intended purpose. Then you’ll feel your natural positive feelings while emotions may be happening! This video focuses on teenagers at school for my academic life coaching. This coaching is available here.

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is a foundational learnt ability to have for an enjoyable life. Our ability to work with our emotional states means more time feeling good. We naturally want to be happy. This is a pillar No5 unconscious mind prime directive. A well-developed EQ is how to make your life happier for yourself and everyone who is interacting with you. This includes animals as they feel you and act accordingly.

Your emotional intelligence (EQ) grows when you learn whispering. The result is a life of great relationships and you don't become a slave to negative emotions

Your emotional intelligence grows when you learn to whisper. The result is a life with great relationships. What’s even better is you free yourself from being a slave to negative emotions. You learn how to resolve them, the video discusses this.

All living things can feel and sense their environment. This is critical to their survival instinct. 

Thus to whisper successfully you have to be aware of your feelings and emotions. Yes, feelings are natural and generally positive or neutral. Emotions however tend to be negative and can easily lead to bad outcomes.

Animals can sense emotions you may not be aware of. Whispering correctly develops your internal senses to feel and resolve emotions.

Animals will act accordingly to your feeling and/or emotional state. It is difficult to fake it with wild animals. Sensing you is their primary instinct to survive. Negative emotions will trigger the animal’s fight-flight response and mistrust towards you. A domesticated pet may not be as responsive as they pick up trauma and behaviour habits from humans. Your pets love you. A dog just wants you to be happy as part of its family pack.

I have captured on video hundreds of times now how animals react to how I’m feeling or speaking. When I discuss tough topics the animals often act it out. Most of the bird bites that resulted in bleeding are when discussing tough topics or negative things! Under the Rules of Evidence (pillar No3 in the framework) I can statistically state there is a strong correlation!

When I’m holding my Whispering State deeply wild animals let me do things like hold, kiss and boss them about. Yes boss them, that means they are allowing me to be higher in the pecking order, so they submit but remain at peace. All animals have a pecking order, a system of hierarchy.

The animals in my videos demonstrate full signs of being easeful and OK with me. If not they leave or protest, free-will (volition) always applies. The videos on this website and YouTube channel show this with undeniable evidence (Success ingredient #3 and pillar No3).

This EQ video demonstrates it perfectly. My chat with that noisy parrot was who answered me each time is an classic example of sorting out an issue with a wild animal.

The fun approach to a better life

Video Course with 3 or 8 coaching sessions

Whispering is a fun and natural method to master how you operate as a human.

  • Learn to live in the peak performance state that’s relaxed so you get what you want more easily.
  • Develop life saving abilities to deal with unpleasant situations.
  • Learn rapport skills to relate at your best with anybody be they human, feathered, furry or scaly.
  • Rather than be a slave to emotions and bad behaviours learn the best method to be emotionally intelligent so your emotions help you and those around you.

Personal coaching will assist you to correctly master the Whispering State so it becomes the natural habit. Your time whispering in nature will develop your learning, work and social abilities so all your life blossoms.

The LearnWhispering course is more than enjoying nature and saving our #PlanetWe future. The critical safety considerations for you, the animals, the environment are covered so you feel and the animals feel safe.

This in-depth video course with three or eight expert coaching sessions from $495

Explaining the Master Life Skills

The videos on this website and YouTube channel demonstrate the application of skills and abilities that make life happy, successful and safe. I demonstrate this whispering framework while you can watch wild animals relate. The videos present excellent learning as they show the dynamics of myself and the animals. 

In the top video, whispering skills are shown to work with 100kg stingray. Fish know when they are safe and act accordingly. Animals, including fish, are smarter than many humans assume. Whispering and thus observation will show you how intelligent they really are. This in turn teaches you about your own habits to empower you. Note in the video how the stingray came to me twice. The first approach was to look and assess me as safe or not.

On the second approach it touched me to physically feel and demonstrate its curiosity. Stingrays and sharks have electric feeling abilities we humans don’t. His wing and tail touch would have given that animal extra information about me. This was the stingray’s way of giving a hug and gently saying ‘hello’.

It’s harder to whisper butterfly than it is stingray. Though a three-meter wide stingray may make you feel scared until you understand the animal and its body language. All the safety factors need to be in place and this is a matter of correct method and choosing to be aware. Reality is the sea itself is the biggest killer, not the lifeforms in it that always make sensational news items.

Human fear is often misplaced. Our roads are thousands of times more likely to kill us than any wild animal. National statistics on injuries and fatalities for any country give clear evidence. The emotional intelligence video tells you why fear is important.

We are not scared of roads as we spend so much time on them. Thus we grow the habit of feeling OK and being at ease on roads that are quite deadly. So how do you stay safe on our roads? Easy, you practice being in the Whispering State. This activates you neurologically into full peripheral vision for observation and relaxed peak performance. Then you can act fast where required and be pre-emptive by avoiding potential traffic hazards.

Subtleties and nuances of your Whispering State can be more easily felt when in natural places. Animals are extremely sensitive as you’ll see in these videos. When you get good at whispering then you’ll experience the amazement and joy of doing things like the Jedi do with animals in Star Wars.

These abilities will grow if you practice correctly. To approach any animal correctly you’ll use your awareness skills to monitor your environment plus your internal physical sensations, thoughts, emotions and feelings. As you learn the skill of activating your neurology including your 3 brains (head, heart and gut) you’ll notice big changes in your life. Your memory, focus capacity, creativity, stress levels and health will all improve.

The context (situation) becomes secondary as your habit of being in the Whispering State is the primary way you behave and relate to any situation, activity or person. For example, you find yourself in a heated argument with someone. The Whispering State practice can firstly be used to maximise your psychological and physical responses to the fight-flight stress reaction of an argument. As you calm your body and mind you can respond rather than react. To respond helps both yourself and others to resolve the situation.

This then gives your unconscious mind the ability to use all its skill sets, knowledge and mental capacities to assist in this context. I explain how this works in the emergency response video at StudentSuccessTutor.com. I activated the Whispering State when hit by a car to save my life. The Whispering State allowed me to assess body damage and control shock symptoms. I was able to take a coherent detailed scene video and relate kindly to the unhurt careless driver and witnesses as I bled.

Animals are 100% Law Zero (pillar No4). That is they are 100% self-honest and self-responsible. If an animal relates to you peacefully that is because they sense they are safe and won’t be hurt. The animal feels comfortable as direct feedback to you about your feeling state and conduct.

Unless a person has significant neurological (ie: physical) or psychological issues improvements can be quickly made. It’s a matter of motivation and correct application to make progress.

The course and coaching are designed to teach you this meta-life skill and to grow the habit in all areas of your life. If you can feel at peace with a cute young puppy then you can be at peace when in a dentist’s chair. Would you like to live your life this way?

Hence to master being a happy human is merely the right habit of awareness; the Whispering State. Then the tough times will be much more manageable and shorter as they resolve fastest within your consciousness and neurology.

Is learning to whisper for you? The framework lays out how you assess this: The first success ingredient is to define #1a What do I want? and then #1b What will I do about it? If you want to live a life that feels better then the course with the coaching will make this your reality. 

All DNA-based life forms are habit machines. Thus a good and happy life requires habits that deliver the right outcomes. The LearnWhispering course with its coaching will help you to achieve these amazing life outcomes.

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