Coaching: Developing your skill set

If you want some of the most exact and detailed assistance on mastering these Whispering skills so you can use them in all life situations then here is your chance. 

Learn Whispering personal coaching for high performance in all activities as the Whispering State is the high performance state.jpg

However, to be able to truly relate to nature and animals of any type it requires state control. This means you can change your mindset and resolve your emotions to be the best you can be for any situation.

To be in the right thinking and feeling state is the golden key to being in communion with an animal, insect, plant, any environment or your fellow humans.

This is expert guidance is available at very reasonable price. In regards to ‘life coaches’ and professional therapists this pricing it is  low and an opportunity worth testing. Yes, please test me. That’s why success ingredient #3 Evidence applies to this service and every life endeavour. Your understanding of your current habits, blind spots and complex issues you will face will be assisted with coaching.

Personal Sessions offer the greatest level of insight and change. It simply cannot be beaten. This core skill set can be applied to any area of life, work, school, personal development and improving relationships. Smash your Blind Spots (pillar No8), bad habits and your weaknesses that keep you stuck. This makes it real and specific to you.

Emotional intelligence: Mastering your emotions

Are you a prisoner of your emotions? Emotional intelligence (EQ) is like IQ but in relation to your emotions rather than your mental intelligence (IQ). This is one of the most important aspects a human can develop. 

This below video is the Whispering version so I discuss how animal EQ which is very different to the Academic Life Coaching version on the Home page. Both will help you to understand the importance of EQ.

Animals are designed by evolution to be super sensitive. They have the ability to pick up on your feelings, emotions and thoughts. Your thoughts influence your unconscious poise and expressions. Animals see this. They will act accordingly.

Hence I say animals are 100% pillar No4 Law Zero. They are 100% self honest and self responsible. You generally cannot lie to an animal unless it’s been trained by being domesticated or you traumatise it into a bad behaviour.

Emotional intelligence impacts our ability to handle emotions and deal with every life situation, then how well you relate with everybody. It’s a core life skill and these skills taught here dramatically improve emotional intelligence if practiced to become a habit. Animals give you perfect and very obvious feedback by their behaviour. 

Can you play with the animals like I do? Even though I move fast and speak loudly to them they remain at peace and relate to me. That is the impact of the Whispering State. It says “I’m emotionally balanced and safe to be with” and they respond like I’m one of them.

Academic Life Coaching

At I teach students whole brain learning and the Learning State. This helps the student maximise their time and attention for effective and durable learning.

The structure of relating to nature is 100% the same as the structure of learning and academic success. The Learning State is exactly the same structural process within our bodies and psychology and it is the key ingredient to relate to nature: the Whispering State.

The LearnWhispering 101 video course is currently being offered as a free bonus if you sign up for the 8 core session package. This acts as extra support to assist students and adults who want coaching. Make contact if interested.

The LearnWhispering 101 course delves deeply into the 9 pillar framework. The course videos demonstrate with wild nature how it applies to both humans and non-humans. It teaches the structure of successful learning, critical thinking, creativity, observation, and self-monitoring so life becomes a joy. I demonstrate how these skill sets are great in chaos, pain, and complex situations.

The typical education system teaches very ineffective methods of learning. Hence many do poorly as they don’t know how to drive their own learning. The goal is a whole-brain and full neurology experience. The structure of how we tick as humans is critical to the learning process. When you learn in alignment with how you operate then it is easy and effective. One can then utilize strengths and develop weaknesses to be much better at every level.

Pillar No7 in the 9 pillar framework is all about structure. Use the structure as it rules over content and context. Any tedious or difficult subject can be learned better if the structure of how your neurology and psychology works is used. My personal strength and love are that of being with nature.

The course teaches you how to be at peace and in the Learning State while chaos is happening! Wild Cockatoos are the masters of chaos as they are such intelligent birds. They teach us so brilliantly about how we tick as humans. Their simple (unconscious) spontaneous nature makes it plain to see. This course captures the 9 pillar structural elements of how we and animals operate. It makes it clear that when we understand how we, and any DNA-based life form, operate we can apply this structural approach to make life better.

There are a number of videos that teach the specifics of entering the Learning State, the Whispering State, correctly. Some of the videos are designed to assist the viewer to “release” the stresses of their day. This is to help you to come back to the green traffic light of awareness so you can be fully functional for learning and being at peace.