Coaching: Developing your skill set

If you want expert assistance in mastering these whispering skills so you can use them in all life situations then here is your chance.

Learn Whispering personal coaching for high performance in all activities as the Whispering State is the high performance state.jpg

I’ll help you develop these life mastery skills to truly relate to nature and animals. Tuning your state control to maximise your happiness levels and skill abilities takes effort and correct application. This will help you to develop the ability to change your mindset and resolve your emotions to be the best you can be in any situation.

We will focus on applying these skills so it fits your life style and activities. This removes the guess work and shortens the learning curve as you have an expert assisting you. Once you experience the results you life will only improve.

Tuning your state control to maximise your happiness levels and skill abilities takes effort and correct application. This will help you to develop the ability to change your mindset and resolve your emotions to be the best you can be in any situation.

To be in the right thinking and feeling state is the golden key to being in communion with an animal, insect, plant or any environment. This applies 100% to relating with your fellow humans.

This is expert guidance is available at a very reasonable price. In regards to ‘life coaches’ and professional therapists, this pricing is low and an opportunity worth testing. Yes, please test me.

That’s why success ingredient #3 Evidence applies to this service and every life endeavour. Your understanding of your current habits, blind spots and complex issues you will face will be assisted with coaching.

Personal Sessions offer the greatest level of insight and change. It simply cannot be beaten. This core skill set can be applied to any area of life, work, school, personal development and improving relationships.

Smash your Blind Spots (pillar No8), bad habits and your weaknesses that keep you stuck. This makes it real and specific to you.

The 8 session personal coaching program is the best option to rewire your neurology, habits and skill sets. Changing life long internal habits to a better way of living by default requires training. 

Emotional intelligence: Mastering your emotions

Are you a prisoner of your emotions? Emotional intelligence (EQ) is like IQ but relates to your emotions rather than your mental intelligence (IQ). This is one of the most important aspects a human can develop.

The key to the best life is happiness, joy and love. Developing your emotional intelligence is how you scientifically develop your good life.

The below video is the whispering version so I discuss how animal EQ is very different to the Academic Life Coaching version. The academic version for parents and teenagers is on the home page. Both will help you to understand the importance of EQ.

Emotional intelligence is a master skill outcome of animal whispering for greater safety, dealing with emergencies. A real life benefit derived through coaching.jpg

Animals are designed by evolution to be super sensitive. They can pick up on your feelings, emotions and thoughts. They see every micro movement and hear the tonality nuances in your voice.

Your thoughts influence your unconscious poise and expressions. Animals see this as their life depends upon it. They will act accordingly.

I say animals are 100% pillar No4 Law Zero. They are 100% self-honest and self-responsible. You generally cannot lie to an animal unless it’s been trained through being domesticated or it’s been traumatised into bad behaviour.

Emotional intelligence impacts our ability to handle emotions and deal with every life situation. Your behaviour then impacts how well you relate with everybody. It’s a core life skill and these skills taught here dramatically improve emotional intelligence if practised to become a habit. Animals give you perfect and very obvious feedback through their behaviour.

Can you relate to the animals as I do? Even though I move fast and speak loudly to them they remain at peace and relate to me. That is the impact of the Whispering State. It says “I’m emotionally balanced and safe to be with” and they respond like I’m one of them. Hence I make the whispering look effortless like I’m talking and relating to a human.

The whispering video course has case study examples of several species and how they change behaviour. If a wild animal can be trained from bad behaviours to good ones then it is certain you can do the same.

It’s just a matter of success ingredient #1a What do you want? Then will you #1b Have some coaching to make your life better?

The price of more consistent joy and happiness in your life is less than most academic or school related study. The coaching will help you to truly do better at life, study and your career.
You are welcome to call to discuss, my phone number is at the bottom of every page.

Growing Motivation: Applying the #4 Success ingredients

Motivation and application are the key to anything in life. It’s particularly important for doing well at any form of study or academic pursuit. The action-success process can be distilled into four key ingredients. I discuss these four ingredients and motivation in the video below. The focus in this video is students and parents.

As always pillar No9 Common Sense applies with these skills. This video also applies to your job, improving your relationships and getting your golf handicap down.  

The framework shared here isn’t just about being safe, saving the environment and having a planet to live on in 500 years time. These skills are the basis of us as a human. 

School and tertiary study is a years-long process that can greatly improve the trajectory of one’s life. Mastering the core learning skills taught on this website will give you a good foundation to make the most of time spent in school and beyond.

When a student leaves High School or tertiary study they have imbedded their deeper habits of how they tackle life. Grades are evidential outcomes of motivation, strategy for life, learning, dealing with stress and how to multitask all those different parts of one’s life. It’s a critical time for setting up life right.

I will help your student set up the groundwork for relating to others, having good self esteem, and being motivated. Understanding the process of doing well in life is a game changer.