Whispering 101 Video Course

Learn to connect with animals and nature. An easy to follow Video Course that’s yours to keep for life.

Early Bird Special

Learn Whispering is offering you an Early Bird special offer of the Whispering 101 course that consists of 3 hours of  personal one on one coaching to develop your Whispering skills.

The 3 hours of coaching via phone or Skype, is worth $450, so you’ll get the course for less than free. 

When the full Video Course is completed, you will receive the entire video collection free of charge.

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Video Tutorials

The full course will be a minimum of 10 hours of video tutorials, broken up into step-by-step instructions on how to connect with animals and nature.

Topics covered:
# Developing the core skill of the Whispering State
# safety safety and safety
# being ethical and caring
# ways to whisper nature from a tree (a beach etc) to birds and animals
# How to use the Whispering State in life for enhanced performance, learning and de-stressing (great for lockdown time!)
# Feeding animals – dos n don’ts
# Assessing what to whisper and where
# Types of whispering situations and how to maximise them
# Animal assessment (Safety for both you and them)
# What to research before you go out to greet nature
# Types of Whispering events and how to prepare beforehand so its safe and possibly uplifting life event
# How to talk and behave with nature and animals
# How to think when Whispering
# How to approach and bond with wild animals and build trust
# Animal rescue basics for injured wildlife (the car hit Owl example)
# Dangerous animals and staying safe (with an apex predator, e.g. Lace Monitor).

Community: Access to our Private Whispering 101 course on Facebook. In here you can share your experiences and ask questions.

Early Bird BONUS: You’ll get 3 hours total of one-on-one phone or Skype sessions to develop your Whispering Skills that we cover in the course. This time with you may help extend and develop the course if we cover important content.