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Learn whispering with nature generating joy and developing core life skills like emotional intelligence (EQ), academic life coaching for better grades (etc). The skills for life the fun way!

Whispering a Joy & Success based life

Whispering is initially about relating to nature. Animal whispering trains you to develop your neurology, psychology and core life skills for more Joy & Success. You learn improved life skills to do everything better; your job, study and relationships etc.

To relate and commune with nature means you are in a relaxed, peaceful place, so the animals feel safe and will relate to you. Your new skills will be evident by the results. The animals behave from a place of trust, instead of fear and survival instinct. My videos demonstrate it like they are domestic pets, but they are all 100% wild.

Talking to animals so they act and trust you is a learned skill.

Learn Whispering for Joy in all life as it is the same skills with animals as it is your job, academic study as whispering is our core life skills

How does it help You?

This video snippet shows a 100% wild Koala letting me to remove paralysis ticks. It’s an unpleasant procedure, it took two attempts. Notice his curious response even though it would have been unpleasant for him. 

As the Koala video showed, my Whispering State meant a typically antisocial animal was calm and welcoming through an unpleasant procedure. This was probably this Koala’s first interaction with a human ever! This is the power of whispering correctly. A remarkably profound experience to have with a global icon animal.

The full interaction is over 5 minutes long and is in the video course.

Why Whispering is a Master Life Skill!


The 9 Pillar framework at Learn Whispering is the core structures that lead to a Life of Success as its the structure of how we work. It even works with huge Koalas so they are friendly



Living Joy: NOT being a slave to negative emotions

Most humans tend to be a slave to their negative emotions. Here is how you develop your skills to use your emotions for their true intended purpose. Then you’ll feel your natural positive feelings while emotions may be happening! This video has a focus on teenagers at school for my academic life coaching (the coaching that is available here). 

EQ is such a critical ability to have for an enjoyable life. Our abilities to work with our emotional states means more time feeling good. We naturally want to be happy; A well developed EQ is how to make your life more happy for yourself and everyone who is interacting with you. This includes animals as they feel you, and act accordingly.

Your emotional intelligence (EQ) grows when you learn whispering. The result is a life of great relationships and you don't become a slave to negative emotions

All living things can feel and sense their environment. This is critical to their survival instinct. Thus to whisper successfully you have to be aware of your feelings and emotions. Yes, feelings are natural and generally positive or neutral. Emotions however tend to be negative and can easily lead to bad outcomes. 

Animals can sense emotions you may not be ware of. Whispering correctly develops your internal senses to feel and resolve emotions. 

Animals will act accordingly to your feeling and/or emotional state. As a wild animal can sense your state. Negative emotions will trigger the animal’s fight-flight response and mistrust towards you. A domesticated pet may not be as responsive as they pick up trauma and behaviour habits from humans.

I have captured on video hundreds of times now how animals react to how I’m feeling or speaking. When I discuss tough topics the animals often act it out. Most of the bird bites that resulted in bleeding is when discussing tough topics or negative things! Under the Rules of Evidence (pillar No3 in the framework) I can statistically state there is a strong correlation!

When I’m holding my Whispering State deeply wild animals let me do things like hold, kiss and boss them about with them showing full signs of being easeful and OK. The videos in this website show this with undeniable evidence.

Learn Whispering and How to Communicate Better

LearnWhispering Video Course with 3 bonus coaching session

My Learn Whispering Course comes complete with a series of step-by-step video tutorials, taking you through every part of your journey to successfully Whisper Animals.

All you need is access to some animals. These can be birds at your local city park, lizards or echidnas in local reserves, or go full bore and Whisper to kangaroos, wombats and koalas out in the bush.

If you’re into caravaning and camping, this is an excellent activity to keep you and the kids occupied, whilst teaching them some great life skills.


For you “early birds”, we’re offering you a personal 1 on 1 online coaching so you can develop your Animal Whispering skills prior to the launch of our video course.

Three hours of personal coaching via phone or Skype, worth over $450, is yours if you book now.

This offer is for a short time only, whilst we are finalize  the Learn Whispering Video Course.

How does it help You?