How to Whisper

Whispering is the practical behaviour of relating to other things outside of yourself. This may be a person, family pet or an animal in nature. Animals are naturally wired to survive. Thus to relate and enjoy nature you need to be assessed by any animal as safe.

How to animal whisper using neuroscience and Jungian psychology based peak performance skills and abilities @learnwhispering

Therefore how do you present yourself as safe? You need to be able to assess and take yourself into what we call here the Whispering State.  Animals can sense you as if their lives depend on it. They will pick up on any sensory data that says you could harm them.

However, to be able to truly relate to nature and animals of any type it requires state control. To be in the right thinking and feeling state is the golden key to being in communion with an animal, insect, plant or environment.

The LearnWhispering method is based in neuroscience & depth psychology. Thus it is scientifically based on how we operate as humans. Then as you observe nature you’ll see these same processes happening. Being a human adds extra complexity, but in effect most of what you’ll learn applies to animals as well. Then as your interest and observations skills grow the animals will teach you about unconscious human behaviour! This will further enhance your life.

The LearnWhispering Stages & Framework

Whispering has three main stages. The first is State, so you are effectively whispering yourself for maximim performace/outcomes. The second is to Relate to anything outside of yoursel. Stage three is optional as this is where you whispering skills can be applied to any outcome or situation in your life. This does not need to involve nature.

The framework is how you perform the whispering, it has two parts. The first is what you need to do to achieve anything in your life. I call this the #4 Success factors or the #4 Ingredients.

The second part is the 9 Pillar Framework. These are foundational pillars of structure that are dependable for anything to work.

These 9 pillars apply to any context or environment, not just talking to animals. Thus this applies to your work, study, relationships or your health. If you use these 9 pillars they will guide you to the desired outcome. They are also great for diagnosing why things turned out differently from your expectations. This framework is a common sense approach to having a good life for you and everybody be they human, animal or the environment.

Whispering is a skill set that becomes a habit. So to develop this habitual skill we will learn and follow the #4 Success ingredients. These four ingredients are the summarised steps to doing well at anything in life. It makes a feedback loop for ongoing habit development so your results and happiness keep growing. 

The 3 Stages of Whispering

Whispering happens in three stages: State, Relate then Create. Then the two part framework covers what you need to consciously action regardless of what stage of State, Relate and Create you are in.

How to whisper animals. The 3 stages State Relate and then Create

1. State: Are you safe and at your best to respond by choice to the maximum of your abilities? Are you perceived as Safe to be around by those in your company, be they animal or human?

Your state is made up of your mental, emotional, feeling and body awareness. Missing the influence of any these will impact how well you enter this maximum performance state. Emotions and feelings are distinctly different and have significant impact on your ability to enter and opertae in the Whispering State. This is explained in the emotional intelligence video.

Your state is the most critical factor to whisper, enjoy life and succeed in any task. Animals live in an unconscious state of constant survival instinct. They can sesnse if you are not correctly in the Whispering State and will act accordingly. The Whispering State is the safe state for you and the animals.

Your state is your No1 safety gaurentee in every moment of your life. Hence it is always first priority to check and enter the correct state.

2. Relate: This is your ability to rapport (bond) with any DNA based life. All DNA lifeforms operate under the same structures. Understand them, their habits, the species and the actual individual then you can maximise rapport and you’ll experience the Jedi level outcomes in real life.

Each species and individual animal has its both its general behaviour patterns and specific to the animal character and behaviour patterns. Close contact whispering requires good understanding of the species and the individual animal within that species. My videos evidence the differences of animals within the species. For example the cockatoo called Brown Jnr is naturally a very agressive biting bird both to humans and other animals. Compare that to Patience who is calm, only bites gently as a form of communication, friendly and obeys commands almost instantly.

Relating to an animal or human correctly is the second most important safety factor. How you relate to the animals will train them. Every interaction sets a precedent. How you treat animals or feed them will change their behaviour. It is easy to train animals wrong and have negative consequences.

3. Create: This is where your whispering skills are used , that’s how you operate are used to keep you safe from life threating situations to pure joy and love when hanging out with your human family.

The whispering course covers how to apply the full framework to goals and activities.

#4 Success ingredients: What you do

These #4 Success ingredients are how you manage your core inputs of time and attention. These are your two key resources that you have. Everything in your life is a result of these two inputs. Time plus attention equals output. If you remove time or attention nothing happens, nothing exists. So what are you doing with them? Whispering State practice helps you to maximise both. Therefore, things like money (wages, investments etc) come from your time and attention being applied. Failing happens because time and attention are used incorrectly, or not applied at all.

Learn Whispering 4 success ingredients are the core life skills to whisper, study, perform at your job and deal with life's tough stuff.

The purpose of the #4 Success ingredients is to give dependable structure so you then make the life you want. If you don’t apply these #4 ingredients then you’ll likely fail. These ingredients make a dependable feedback loop.

The #4 Success ingredient Summary:

#1a What do you want? Then #1b What will you do about it? This relates to your motivation and application. Further safety considerations can be added preemptively by asking #1c: What won’t I do and what are my boundaries? This third question is important to define before interactions with humans, animals and the environment. It can save trouble pre-emptively as your response will be pre-considered.

These three questions within ingredient #1 encapsulate your motivation and application strategy. It helps set where you place your time and effort.

#2 is Structure. Structure is fixed. It’s the laws that govern all inputs like content and actions to give you the outcomes. Use the right skills, inputs and laws of structure then it guarantees a better outcome. The 9 pillar framework includes the important structures to live as a human.

These set the laws and boundaries that dictate content and outcomes. For example, pillar No5 is the unconscious mind. Work with how you operate internally then you can maximise aspects of your unconscious mind. Your unconscious mind has dominion over your health, memory, physical performance, concentration span and how your feelings and emotions operate (etc).

#3 Evidence. Measurable outcomes are the basis of evaluation. Observe the outcomes as proof. From the facts of evidence you can then improve.

As the evidence builds with consistency it becomes the new habit. When the same situation happens repeatedly with the new habit being used with 80% or more consistency you can then say it is validated. Congratulations! As you keep improving the habit becomes more default with less effort: This leads to Mastery.

#4 Conscious Volitional Attention. This is the key that makes the feedback loop to master your wanted outcome. Your ability to apply your attention with the right amount of time will lead to the experience and outcome you want.

The video and webpage has more detail and is worthy of watching and reading. This is critical to safe and magical whispering. It applies to doing well in all life activities.

The video course and coaching dive deeply into developing these structural habits. Then with the right approach and skill set you can indeed get what you want.

Can you break or prove wrong how this solid structure of how life operates? If so please let me know. This is why this whispering framework is so dependable. It takes practice to use but if we fail we merely did one of these incorrectly or not enough. 

9 Pillar Framework: Details of the Structures

Structure is extremely important. Understand how something operates or is held together you can then repeat and get positive outcomes. You apply your time, attention and actions into these structures.

Structure is mostly fixed. Structure runs to defined laws. Thus you apply the structure you get the outcome in any context. For example your Whipsering State can be applied to animals to enjoy and interact safely. You can also apply the Whispering State to study to learn easily and even grow photographic memory, as the structure of the whispering state rules your memory. The context, activity or environment can be different but the structure of the Whispering State determines your outcomes. All 9 structures within the 9 pillar framework impact how you apply the #4 Success ingredients.

LearnWhispering teaches you these core structures of being a happy human who can talk to animals and experience true joy. These same skills apply to every activity such as academic success, career, hobbies and relationships. These structures are the key to being a happy and successful person.

The 9 pillar framework also applies to animal behaviour. Animals are like us as they are also DNA based habit machines. 

The 9 Pillar framework at Learn Whispering is the core structures that lead to a Life of Success as its the structure of how we work. It even works with huge Koalas so they are friendly

Understand the animal’s habits (thus behaviour) then you can safely relate to and even train animals. Where does this framework not apply to animals? Animals are mostly unconscious. They don’t have our levels of cognitive perception or ability to focus. They only do this unconsciously as it’s instinct from their DNA.
We will address the animal difference in the next section below.

Animals and their structure

Generally the #4 Success ingredients mentioned above do not really apply to animals. It only applies to humans. We have #4 Conscious Volitional Attention. Thus we can apply the #4 ingredients monitor and assess outcomes.

Most animals do not have complex analytical skills nor complex psychology. Their physical brain structure is smaller and less complex. This means they have reduced function and abilities. So there are some differences which must be considered to understand and predict animal behaviour.

Most of the 9 pillar framework does apply or applies differently. For example pillar No4 is Law Zero. Animals are 100% self-honest and self-responsible. If not they die quickly. The survival instinct is the biggest asset any lifeform has.

Humans on the other hand tend to avoid responsibility and self-honesty. This is why humans like to blame others or their environment when things go wrong. Your Law Zero is something that takes development and intentional focus. Your capacity to be self-honest then impacts your sensory acuity.

Your sensory acuity helps you to see the animal’s micro-movements and behavioural nuances. For example the tiger snake in the top home page video. That snake’s non-movement and then its little tongue flick indicated to me that I was in a safe responsible position. Once the tongue flicked out I knew I had to be ready to move fast if required. Yet the snake showed no defensive body posturing nor did it aim its head (thus fangs) in my direction. I positioned myself intentionally to be safe for both of us. Hence in the full course video I am talking for quite a while longer and it stayed there as it felt safe.

My habitual Whispering (Alpha brainwave) State saved me from standing on the snake. My unconscious mind and body were fully resourceful due to the Alpha state turning on all my neurology.

I was in the relaxed and receptive high performance Whispering State. My unconscious mind whispered to me ‘hey, snake or stick? Look and check‘.

I stopped instantly and observed. If I had been in the typical human low-function Beta brainwave state (indicated by focused or tunnel vision) then I may have stood on it and potentially bitten. I was 500m from my car, alone and 2km off the road. This is not the best situation if envenomated by one of the world’s most deadly snakes. Over 50% of the snakes I have seen in Australia have been in house-dense metropolitan Melbourne or towns.

The same structure applied to the stingray in that same top home page video. If you know stingrays their defensive and strike postures are obvious. They tell you in advance. Approaching a stingray without knowing their behaviours could trigger a defensive strike.

Once I accidentally swam up to a monster size stingray in 1.3 meter deep water. It was about 3.5 meters wide. The biggest stingray I’d ever seen. It felt threatened as we stared at each other. Both of us were startled. It raised its tail at an angle. Its tail tip broke the water’s surface as it was so huge. My face was in striking range.

I froze to not get closer. The stingray moved first. Instantly, the sheer power of this massive fish turned the water to into liquid sand. It vanished rather than strike me. By the time the sand settled, I could not see this massive animal. Phew, that was a close call. My knowing the animal’s behaviour saved me, yet we all love the sea where it’s their home.

Animal whispering may seem like it is a hobby or interest. The reality is we all come into contact with animals and dangerous environments like roads. Unintentional interaction with a car, snake or angry human needs the same skill set to respond and save your life.

Upgrade your life to greater Peace and Joy

Yes, the LearnWhispering course will teach you all about whispering and enjoying nature. Coaching comes with the course as these skills require honing to be effective.
Nothing beats personal feedback from an expert.

Course & Coaching

When consciously developed these skills transform you at all levels, all activities and situations. The evidence becomes obvious in your life.

Unfortunately most (over 95%) people never learn to these core skills correctly.  This is my observation after three decades of observation. 
The coaching program with its eight personal sessions will help you progress into an empowered way of living. Coaching accelerates your progress the fastest.

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