Personal Coaching program with Whispering 101 Video Course

For the Serious birds and student undertaking Academic Life Coaching!
Limited offer before the full course is available.

For you early “birds”, we’re offering you a personal 1 on 1 online coaching course so you can develop your Animal Whispering skills.

The standard 8 session coaching package has a 3 session bonus while I finish of development of the LearnWhispering 101 video course. Your questions and experiences will shape the final content, to help more people like you.

This offer is for a short time only, whilst the video course is being finalized.



Personal online Coaching:

To develop your skills and abilities to whispering or any area be that academic life coaching, personal development, emotional intelligence development. I’ll help you master these core life skills so they become the default habit unconsciously.

LearnWhispering 101 course:

Have access to the LearmnWhispering 101 video course. The theory and frameworks are built into this course to help you develop your skill sets so they can be applied to whispering and any task.