Personal Coaching program with the Learn Whispering Video Course

For the Serious birds who want to whisper a Joy filled life and student’s undertaking Academic Life Coaching!
Limited offer while the full Whispering course is being tested and refined.

For you early “birds”, we’re offering you a personal 1 on 1 online coaching course so you can develop your Animal Whispering skills.

The standard 8 session coaching package has the 3 session bonus that’s being offered. Your questions and experiences will shape the final content, to help more people like you.

This offer is for a short time only, whilst the video course is being finalized.



Personal online coaching program:
To develop your skills and abilities to whispering or any area be that academic life coaching, personal development, emotional intelligence development. I’ll help you master these core life skills so they become the default habit unconsciously.

Current BONUS:
You will get an extra 3 bonus coaching sessions. You’ll receive 11 personal skype or phone sessions with the video course. The standard coaching package is 8 sessions. Extreme value for a limited time while the standard course has the 3 session bonus offer.

Coaching format:
Coaching works best with focus and at a set regular time. Weekly is best as this reflects how learning best takes pace and makes the coaching more effective. Due to limited spots for personal coaching those in coaching programs will get 1st priority booking.

If ongoing coaching is wanted after the initial block block we can set bigger time gaps if possible.
The 8 block is the discounted format, casual is the standard price.
Habits form fastest with regular coaching and your application as bad habits will fill the in-between times. That is how we work under the framework with pillar No5 as that’s how our unconscious mind works.

Sessions start at 10 past the hour and finish on the hour. The general format is is covered in the service agreement. We will have a free chat before hand to assess what is best for you, our scheduling and that we are clear on the service agreement.

The coaching and what we will cover:
Unless you have specific aims about what you want we will follow the #4 Success ingredients to set up what you (#1a) want to cover and I’ll assist you as best as possible to (#1b) do something about it.

We will use the #2 structures and assist your learning of this framework and using it in nature and areas of your life that you want improvements.

Technically learning to whisper, which is the high-performance state, does not need animals or nature. However, animals are fantastic for 100% honest feedback. It is easy to whisper at your back door or window, there are course videos on my results with this method in the course (doves, magpies and crows).

Applying your whispering state practice in all life situations is what I’ll be asking you to do in the course. All contexts and all times of the day or night are possible Whispering State practice times so the skill becomes easy and very enjoyable.

Joy, happiness and love with a base of deep peace is the resulting outcome.

Your Success ingredient #3 and pillar No3 Evidential results will guide us. We will work on aspects to hone your practice and to help you embody this as much as possible. This way you’ll get maximum value out of your investment. You can, with my expertise, make massive inroads toward your true life goals. Habits and results are all mathematical if the correct structures (That’s pillar No7) are used.

Your coach, Jason, is an internationally certified trainer of trainers, coaches, therapists and is a learning design specialist. Your 8 coaching sessions will be extended to 11 while the special launch offer is active. This gives you sufficient time for some good habit development.

Your practice application, No4 Law Zero (self-honesty and self-responsibility) and your No8 Blind Spots will determine how fast and deeply your life will blossom.

I do mean blossom, like a flower into a better life. You’ll learn and practice the skill set of Whispering to handle life’s tough stuff.

Whispering is merely an activity that is fun to assist you. Whispering gets you out in nature and off any electronic device. It gives you a real break from the endless toxic news and social media.

My three-decade obsessive research and application in learning design, training, psychology and therapy ensure your learning will be as fast as you are willing.

LearnWhispering 101 course:

Have access to the LearmnWhispering 101 video course. The theory and frameworks are built into this course to help you develop your skill sets so they can be applied to whispering and any task.

Video Course: The full course will be a minimum of 30 hours of video tutorials, broken up into step-by-step instructions on how to connect with animals and nature.

Topics covered:
# Developing the core skill of the Whispering State
# safety safety and safety
# being ethical and caring
# ways to whisper nature from a tree (a beach etc) to birds and animals
# How to use the Whispering State in life for enhanced performance, learning and de-stressing (great for lockdown time!)
# Feeding animals – do’s n don’ts
# Assessing what to whisper and where
# Types of whispering situations and how to maximise them
# Animal assessment (Safety for both you and them)
# What to research before you go out to greet nature
# Types of Whispering events and how to prepare beforehand so its safe and possibly uplifting life event
# How to talk and behave with nature and animals
# How to think when Whispering
# How to approach and bond with wild animals and build trust
# Animal rescue basics for injured wildlife (the car hit Owl example)
# Dangerous animals and staying safe (with an apex predator, e.g. Lace Monitor).