Standard Whispering 101 Video Course with 3 bonus coaching session

Limited offer before the full course is available.

For you “early birds”, we’re offering you a personal 1 on 1 online coaching so you can develop your Animal Whispering skills prior to the launch of our video course.

Three hours of personal coaching via phone or Skype, worth over $450, is yours if you book now.

This offer is for a short time only, whilst we are finalize  the Learn Whispering Video Course.



Video Course: The full course will be a minimum of 30 hours of video tutorials, broken up into step-by-step instructions on how to connect with animals and nature.

Current BONUS: Currently you will get 3 bonus coaching sessions with the video course. Extreme value for a limited time, that’s $450 worth of coaching.

Topics covered:
# Developing the core skill of the Whispering State
# safety safety and safety
# being ethical and caring
# ways to whisper nature from a tree (a beach etc) to birds and animals
# How to use the Whispering State in life for enhanced performance, learning and de-stressing (great for lockdown time!)
# Feeding animals – dos n don’ts
# Assessing what to whisper and where
# Types of whispering situations and how to maximise them
# Animal assessment (Safety for both you and them)
# What to research before you go out to greet nature
# Types of Whispering events and how to prepare beforehand so its safe and possibly uplifting life event
# How to talk and behave with nature and animals
# How to think when Whispering
# How to approach and bond with wild animals and build trust
# Animal rescue basics for injured wildlife (the car hit Owl example)
# Dangerous animals and staying safe (with an apex predator, e.g. Lace Monitor).

Community: Access to our Private Whispering 101 course on Facebook. In here you can share your experiences and ask questions.