My service agreement to you

To perform to the best of my abilities.

To maintain confidentiality. Confidentiality will be preserved between the customer, myself and my supervisor/mentor if it is considered that I discuss that with my supervisor. General outcomes will be communicated to caregivers if caregivers are involved in the service.
Care Givers (if involved for Under 18s or those in care if notified)
To communicate my concerns to caregivers. To provide potential options of any concerns or possibilities for caregivers to approve if the customer is under 18 years old, or is under a care arrangement that I am informed of.

Where required to communicate to caregivers where the coaching is heading and how positive changes can be supported. This will done briefly via phone or online methods like Skype, possibly via a booked appointment due to timezone differences. Suitable feedback methods will be discussed before coaching services commence.

To return any phone or online messages to you at the first convenient time. Direct verbal / online video contact is preferred due time & communication benefits of doing so. Unlisted “Private” and temporary YouTube videos may be used for my reply. If I call I will leave a message if not answered. You are welcome to send emails, I will respond via phone or online verbal/video methods. Replying via email is time consuming, unless this is requested at my charge rate of the 50 minute online session per hour and part thereof.

To only undertake coaching and change processes (ie: motivation and ‘learning issue’ sessions) with a student / customer if they personally wish for the change. I am not willing, nor ethically able, to force change upon an individual if it is not something that they desire for their own benefit, regardless of the expectations of others like parents or teachers. Per my NLP counsellor and international Trainer certification the full ecology (safety and desirability) of any wanted shift will be examined so it is a good outcome that serves the best interests of the person.

To commit to arranged appointments and to give notice of any cancellation as soon as possible.

To commit to continuity on a weekly basis or arranged basis.

To be available preferably online for video, but defiantly via phone for booked session times if internet is down or unavailable.

Your agreement with me

To commit to arranged appointments. To give notice of any cancellation as soon as possible via direct phone call (and message) or Skype video message.

To be available preferably online for video, but defiantly via phone for booked session times if internet is down or unavailable. For the student to be mentally and physically prepared for the session start time.

To commit to continuity on a weekly basis unless otherwise discussed. Commitment to regular sessions demonstrates the importance of the service and maximises progress.

To be in the best location possible for this online session. A room free of disruptions, noise and other people is preferable. The actual location where private study is undertaken is best.

To give me immediate feedback if you (caregiver or student) are unhappy with anything that is happening. In this way, it can be changed as soon as possible.

To communicate your expectations to me in clear terms. Please use this link, fill in the form to provide me with the information and to book a feedback call (if wanted). If we discuss this I may ask that the form be used so I can refer back to help meet your expectations.

To keep me updated with progress and developments if they are relevant to my services.

Payment for a session if to be upfront only. Pre paying a block of sessions, or a regular ‘PayPal’ will give you advanced booking.

Cancelling within 48 hours or missing a session without notice unless a doctor’s surgery receipt is produced may result in no rescheduling of that session at the discretion of LearnWhispering. This may be reduced by 50% if circumstances are unavoidable. This will be strictly enforced as session times are limited for this service. Please discuss this is you have any questions before it happens.

Session to be paid per the agreed rate in the pricing & booking page. Prices are subject to change and existing clients will be notified in advance.

Existing clients will be notified if their existing prices stay at the current rate for a further time, as consistency is rewarded. The deeper objective of LearnWhispering services is to develop successful habits that last for lifelong learning, self-motivation, independence and drive.

If you have any questions concerning this agreement, please feel free to raise them with me.

Any feedback (positive or negative) you can give me with regard to my service would be greatly appreciated. I will endeavour to incorporate feedback wherever possible, so as to improve the service I am providing. Feedback that can be added to the website is preferred.

Please read the TnCs, as a condition of this service and entering this website it is deemed that you agree fully to the legal Terms & Conditions.

Our agreement regards payments, refunds and variations

Payment for a course access, one-on-one sessions or Mastery Club is to be upfront only. Pre-paying a block of sessions, or a regular advanced  ‘PayPal’ or bank transfer will give you advanced booking.

Whispering Club Subscriptions, variances and refunds

Whispering Club is primarily designed to build community and deep progression for participants, measured under the 9 pillar framework No3 Rules of Evidence, to a deeper and consistent state of the Whispering State (the Learning Sate and for adults Presence, etc). As such the 12 month commitment is given priority to places when the member number limit is reached.

Pricing for the initial 3 month membership is for the less committed, as that will provide access to all the extra materials within the club that is not publicly available.

Monthly payment plans to ease the financial lump of a years subscription will be considered on a case by case basis after an honest conversation, and likely to be offered after a 3 month subscription has passed, the monthly amount will reflect the extra administration to track payments if monthly payments are granted.

Refunds of the 3 month subscription are not offered, as Law Zero applies. The 9 pillar framework helps people make significant improvement in a person’s life if applied. Avoidance, laziness and not applying course work (Whispering State practice) is mathematical nature because its the habit of training your neurology, feeling nature and mind correctly to that connected state. Per the Terms & Conditions a discretionary refund may be granted.

Refunds of a 12 month subscription, may be offered, per the Terms & Conditions. Depending on the circumstances, and discretion per the TnCs, a pro-rata refund of unused whole months subscription based on the 3 month subscription rate may apply for month 4 onwards.

Club members who break community guidelines may be warned, muted or banned. No refunds will be offered under any circumstances per the Terms & Conditions. Banning will result in removal from the Club and the online course.

These issues will be discussed and acknowledged in the pre-enrolment conversation to any club. Harmony and best interests of all are the main consideration. The actions of the few (that don’t live Law Zero, ie: they never own their stuff and are not self honest) mean that these sorts of TnCs need to be communicated. 

Subscription renewals need to be paid before the current term of service expires. Members may be temporarily de-registered if credit control activities need to be actioned. Membership will be re-instated once the subscription is renewed.

On a personal note: I have spent 8 years as a wage-slaving professional credit controller chasing overdue money. This is the one thing I want to avoid regards these services. Per comments in some videos for many years I did cut into my food budget, petrol allowance and most often my social budget to pay for my regular mentor/supervisor. Applying the Whispering 9 pillar framework makes for a better life. Hence the Laws of Success videos with the wild cockatoos is another way this is all explained at where all this is explained in plain language (which is pillar No9 in the framework).

If you have any questions concerning this agreement, please feel free to raise them with me via an email or phone chat.

Please read the TnCs, as a condition of this service and entering this website it is deemed that you agree fully to the legal Terms & Conditions in the footer. The Terms & Conditions page takes legal precedence over this service agreement page.

Online Courses and Membership requirements

Online courses if within Facebook have the below requirements. There will be limited places to comment in online courses, they are designed as a safe and central access to course videos. Course ‘Guides’ as Facebook terms it may have commenting for feedback, insights and questions only. The courses are not designed to be a typical Facebook group with membership interactions. If you are desiring a community level interaction then please join the limited participant Whispering Club where we develop and expand our nature relating skill sets.

Most of the below apply to the Whispering Club, yet they also apply to the online courses where commenting is available. These terms of membership are guidelines, and the Terms and Conditions are primary to this Service Agreement (As a service agreement is a social contract and guide, no legal implications).

Participants must resonate with the desire to be caring and to improve. To be caring and give feedback. To give what they want to receive, ie: to ask questions and to give answers to other people for them to consider. Guidance may be given in the group as to how to give good feedback. There is a difference between nasty feedback (bullying and trolling) and ‘negative feedback’. Giving feedback is a useful skill to learn.

This service, online courses and the club is respectful of all views, ideas, religions, races, sexual orientation and socio-economic status (etc):
Nothing less will be tolerated. Our uniqueness (Laws of Success No 8 a lovely cockatoo video @ is to be developed and celebrated in a supportive environment. Interactions need to be based on caring and co-existing so humanity and nature lives together.

The skill sets and techniques shared in this group are non-religious but can be applied to any religion. If you have any concerns please contact and we can discuss, modify or help you understand how it is supportive of all living beings so their boundaries are respected. To be caring and respectful of all is the basis of everything in this website and services, it is hard wired in our unconscious mind’s prime directives.

Post content:
It is important that posts are within the framework of what this group is about. That they relate to ‘Presence’ primarily then its implications to healing, and life skills. Sharing insights or questions as to how you are actually applying that or not (and why not). This private club can almost represent a group success journal (and that video is a remarkable instance where a Magpie finally befrieneded me after 4 weeks effort!). If a post or comment is deleted this is likely why. That will be the feedback as it is now missing because the guidelines were not adhered to. A warning may be issued for inappropriate content.

Posting pictures, memes and videos:
Picture, memes or videos need to relate to your personal experience or a question. A picture or meme it needs to be 100% related to what you’re talking about or the question you are asking. A meme without your personal input or reflection will be deleted.

We need to keep this group focused. It is a club where people come to confirm this skill development process. It’s a place to post wins, share one’s learning from mistakes and spread great ideas. As social media is an attention addictive process we need to keep your time in the club focused. Your time and your growth is the priority.

Group communications and reminders:
Initially this will be done within the private closed Facebook group as a comment or a new post. Messenger is not to be used for group wide or personal communications to me (Jason) or any moderators or admins. Personal concerns or questions can be sent to me (Jason) via text message, email or Skype /Goolge Meet apps. Facebook owned companies will not be used due to privacy concerns and repeated hacks, this includes WhatsApp and any social media company owned by Facebook. A different platform for group communications may be chosen at a later point away from Facebook or Skype/Meet.

Spamming members or trying to sell services within any of these services will result in instant removal with no refunds. If you are being spammed or having someone try to sell you services please inform Jason by email.

Positive behavioural conduct:
Bullying or discrimination as defined in the Terms and Conditions will not be tolerated. It is a potential banning offence. Please contact me direct if you have any concerns or questions on this. There is a distinctional difference between ‘offence’ and intent.

Privacy of the club and online courses:
Trust in the group and confidentiality to explore and do new things is critically important to the learning and growth of participants.
Participants are not to share names, ages, comments or experiences of other individuals, this is removal / banning offence. Another person’s material cannot be shared unless that individual has expressly agreed in that instance.

Per the Terms & Conditions I will use and make videos to help others. Privacy of individuals will be kept. As part of this group and being part of the proprietary material of this website if I share someone’s challenges or wins as an example the person’s identity will be preserved by changing various features to make them indistinguishable. If this person expressly agreed via text or email it is ‘ok’ to use the real details this will be recorded as such.

It is preferable that Real identities be used within this closed group, fake Facebook profiles will not be allowed unless discussed with Jason. Nobody outside this participant limited number Club can see you. As this is a closed group, non-members cannot see your material.

Proprietary Material & Copyright

Proprietary material:
Per the Terms and Conditions the material in this website, YouTube channel, Mastery Club and online courses is all proprietary. Permission needs to be given, so please ask. Legal speak for this is in the Terms and Conditions.
Pillar N04 in the Whispering Framework is Law Zero is such an important factor in relating to nature and being a good citizen.

Feedback, Improvement & Recommendations

This website and service and its contents is here to assist all, especially nature and its survival as us humans destroy it from our lack of connection. This lack of connection with nature divorces us from our heart and caring. There are some triggering topics within this website and courses as many have strong views regards being with nature and how it is to be related with.

Pillar No4 in the whispering mastery framework is Law Zero. This is all about personal respect and honesty which is the key ingredient that is missing where humans expect the externals to suit them be that a country, person, a habitat or any living thing in nature. We somehow have to co-exist with our environment, as humanity has now caused the 6th major extinction event, feedback is welcome as to how we help this planet for all nature and our grandchildren.

Something better can be made if feedback is received.

So please, send me an email of feedback or recommendation (and please state that I can use a recommendation publicly). A selfie video would be very well received, as it gives that realness and validity that text cannot.