What is Whispering?

How do you whisper animals? How do you whisper a happy life, great relationships, a great job or fantastic grades at school? The skillset is 100% the same for all these important areas of life. Learn how you work as that applies to all living things from plants to humans.

You will see in this video that applies to kookaburras, parrots, deadly snakes, massive lizard’s and even the oldest living animals on this planet; huge stingrays.

Then you add safety protocol for everybody, including the animals and environment. As your abilities grow you’ll experience what all living things on this planet want: to feel good and safe.


Whispering correctly is the most powerful core life skill a human can learn.

The video course covers this with exact steps and details. The coaching service helps you with expert guidance for faster results for a better life. I’ll help you apply these skills not just to animals and nature but to every area of your life.

Pillar No9 in this framework is common sense. Therefore these skills that are the best fun to practice are applicable in all areas of human life.


Whispering applies to your profession, education, resolving conflict and how to save your life when you need to get to a hospital.

Test it. Once you experience the results you’ll know it is 100% proven fact. My whispering abilities, and what I coach people has been proven with consistency. It’s the structure of how life operates. The videos demonstrate the evidence.


When learning these core life skills is fun and it involves all of you it gives the results in life. Pillar No2 in the framework is it includes all of you. Your personal weaknesses can be compensated for and included as they happen. These weaknesses can then be developed to ensure better outcomes on a more consistent basis. When you involve all of you then you are more resourceful to help the best outcome unfold. All of your human layers are involved ie: body, mind, feeling states and spirit. If you do this you’ll get the results as the evidential outcomes. Evidence is the basis of improvement and what worked. This works as these videos are full of evidence from smart parrots, deadly reptiles to huge ancient fish.

How to Whisper

Whispering is the practical behaviour of relating to other things outside of yourself. This may be a person, family pet or an animal in nature. Animals are naturally wired to survive. Thus to relate and enjoy nature you need to be assessed by any animal as safe.

Therefore how do you present yourself as safe? You need to be able to assess and take yourself into what we call here the Whispering State. Animals can sense you as if their lives depend on it. They will pick up on any sensory data that says you could harm them.

However, to be able to truly relate to nature and animals of any type it requires state control. To be in the right thinking and feeling state is the golden key to being in communion with an animal, insect, plant or environment.

The LearnWhispering method is based in neuroscience & depth psychology. Thus it is scientifically based in how we operate as humans.

Then as you observe nature you’ll see these same processes happening. Being a human adds extra complexity, but in effect most of what you’ll learn applies to animals as well.

The LearnWhispering Framework

The framework has two parts. The first is related to what you need to do in order to achieve anything in your life. I call this the #4 Success ingredients or the #4 ingredient overview. 

The second part is the 9 Pillar Framework. These are foundational pillars of structure that are dependable for anything to work. If you use these pillars they will guide you to the desired outcome. They are also great for diagnosing why things turned out differently to how you hoped.

This framework is a common sense approach to having a good life for you and everybody be they human, animal or the environment.

4 Success ingredients

Whispering is a skillset that becomes a habit. So to develop this habitual skill we will learn and follow the #4 Success ingredients. These four ingredients are the steps to do well at anything in life. It makes a feedback loop for ongoing habit development so your results keep getting better.

Learn Whispering 4 success ingredients are the core life skills to whisper, study, perform at your job and deal with life's tough stuff.

In summary:

#1a What do you want? Then #1b What will you do about it? This relates to your motivation and application.
#2 is Structure. Structure is fixed. It’s the laws that govern all inputs like content and actions to give you the outcomes. Use the right skills and inputs and it guarantees a good outcome. 
#3 Evidence. The actual outcomes are the basis of evaluation. Observe the outcomes as proof. From the facts of evidence you can then improve.
#4 Conscious Volitional Attention. This is the key that makes the feedback loop to master your wanted outcome. Your ability to apply your attention to have the experience and outcome you want.

I explain this summary in the video.

9 Pillar Framework: Details of the #2 Structure

Structure is so important. Understand how something operates or is held together you can then repeat and get the positive outcomes.

LearnWhispering teaches you these core structure of being a happy human who can talk to the animals and experience true joy. These same skills apply to every activity, academic success, jobs, hobbies and relationships. These structures are the key to being a happy person.
The 9 pillar framework even applies to animal behaviour. Animals are like us, habit machines, understand the structure of habits then you can relate and even train animals.

The 9 Pillar framework at Learn Whispering is the core structures that lead to a Life of Success as its the structure of how we work. It even works with huge Koalas so they are friendly

The greatest danger!

Ignorance and reaction is your greatest weakness.

People who don’t know the basics of whispering are the people who get injured or killed by animals. Know how to whisper before you accidentally run into a dangerous situation. Human injuries and fatalities are reduced if these basic principles are applied. Too many deaths and injuries occur as wrong reactions happen due to ignorance and instinctual fight-flight reactions by people. Animal safety is maximinsed if you know and apply correctly the whispering skill set. 

Do you want the ability to respond NOT react? The more you grow and develop this skillset the more difficult the situation you can instantly make the best choice and act. Knowing and living these principles as a good human being will ensure survival of all species, the environment and the future of humanity. The course with expert coaching is the fastest and most thorough option.

Our Services

The video course is for the self starter who is keen. Coaching with the course will help everyone excel the fastest. Nothing beats personal feedback from an expert.

LearnWhispering Video course

Self study by watching the course and practicing the skill sets. Re-watching the videos helps you to see the skills and animal behaviour.