About Whispering

Whispering is initially about the amazing joy and wonderment our beautiful flora and fauna can share with us. It’s a natural pull to go on holiday, relax and enjoy our life to the maximum. When you learn to use the Whispering State you’ll experience a greater ability to feel connected, safe and often experience the true wonderment. It feeds our mind, body and spirit. It resets our system and releases stress.

Learning to whisper with nature generates joy and develops our core life skills like emotional intelligence (EQ), motivation, learning abilities and concentration span. Whispering is the skillset for life the fun way. Furthermore, you’ll be ready to respond to magical moments and deal with tough instances with your full abilities.

However, to be able to truly relate to nature and animals of any type requires state control. To be in the right thinking and feeling state is the golden key to being in communion with an animal, insect, plant or environment.

You will grow your internal abilities to deeply enjoy and relate to your environment and any living lifeform. It’s how to truly relate and understand all things that are not human or man-made. It is about being safe and ethical for both you and nature. Relating to nature is extremely important for our well-being, as it helps us to de-stress and recenter.

The LearnWhispering video course takes you through the core secrets of whispering.

What is even better, is it teaches you the fundamental life skills that help you to function at your best in any activity. You’ll be able to perform better at learning, working, sports and relating with other humans. You’ll grow a deeper working relationship with your unconscious mind. Then your life will flow better, you can be more adaptable and resilient.

Animals are very sensitive, they always respond to your current mental, emotional and physical state.

The greater your ability to change your state means you’ll be able to relate better with nature. You’ll grow a practical understanding of the #4 Success ingredients and 9 pillar framework as you practice these skills. This structure of changing state can be applied to all areas of your life, work, home, relationships, academic success as well as emergencies!

Living in Peace & Joy while living #PlanetWe

This makes it more enjoyable and often magical for you. Your whispering abilities will impact all forms of life from plants, fish and insects, to the most conscious of all animals, primates, dolphins and whales.

Whispering skills help you to be in tune with life. In this uncertain world, whispering skills help you contribute to a better future. It helps you make decisions and change behaviours that are causing global catastrophes like the onslaught of the Fire Armageddons and record floods.

Our Grandchildren deserve a healthy eco-system. This better future starts with us, and our relationship with nature.

You’ll gravitate to being a #PlanetWe person, not selfish planet destroying planet-me type. The whispering safety question that will guide your pillar No4 Law Zero is “What will serve all of us all to be here in 500 years time“. It’s a simple question with profound We consequences. Be part of the greater We-cause, so living on Mars with Elon Musk is a choice not a necessity.

About Jason: Whisperer

I have always been obsessed with nature. As a child I had a wide variety of pets including fish, reptiles, parrots, chickens, amphibians. As well as the usual furry four legged animals including mice and guinea pigs.

As a child I researched everything about all forms of flora and fauna to understand the entire working of ecosystems.

Jason at Learn Whispering with a wild sulfur crested cockatoos

I grew up close to farm land in Christchurch, New Zealand’s second largest city. So I was often interacted with farm animals. I was obsessed with ornithology (birds) and Ichthyology (fish).

My parents took us out on a weekly basis to places where I could fossick and get my hands on everything.  As an adult I still spend a significant time in nature, camping and hiking.

About Learn Whispering with Jason Hopkinson and a wild Kiwi in the wilderness

Tramping (hiking)and camping in the mountain wilderness of New Zealand was a favorite pastime. I got good at long 14 to 28 day treks into wilderness. Surviving and living off what I carried, caught and found was a great challenge.

In 2008 I moved to Australia where the wildlife is truly spectacular, dangerous and unique. I went from the land of over predated safe birds to the land of deadly and dangerous everything.

My whispering skills have kept me safe and alive as I faced many of the most deadly snakes in the world, as well as a 3.5 meter wide stingray in the water.

These same skills helped me dealing with the 2020 bushfires in Eastern Australia and being hit by a car on my bike, as well as many other life threatening experiences.

Whispering skills improve your whole life by giving you the skills to centre yourself, remain calm and respond to life dramas accordingly.

About Jason: Academic TrailBlazer

My talk is walked with 100% integrity and congruency. That is why the coaching and academic life coaching is so profoundly powerful and different to all other study skills and student tutoring services. I offer a fully supportive framework, developed since 1989, three decades, through university studies, post graduate research, working with schools and one-on-one and workshops with students and adults.

Applied Experience: The principles embodied in this service have also been applied to commercial settings, not just education. Everything that is shared I have lived, experienced and tested through trial and error. This is why I can define the nuances of different approaches and techniques.

I researched my in-school study skills course effectiveness with students’ final marks in national qualification exams. My Masters thesis examined the effectiveness of these learning techniques when applied in a nationally recognised commercial leadership training course.

It was just a natural step to apply these neuroscience, psychology and learning theories and test them with wild animals. The videos in the websites and YouTube channel demonstrate that animals do operate under the same structures. As animals have less success ingredient #4 of conscious volitional attention then that has some implications for whispering safely, but most of the framework applies to animal function. However success ingredient #4 of conscious volitional attention is what a you have to stay alert and most safe. 

Experience in Learning & Development disciplines

I only share what I have actualised within myself. That’s my assurance of credibility and quality. I have:

Thirty years of extensive research and training in the areas of learning, learning design, motivation, depth psychology, personal development and leadership. The focus was on how to practically apply this in study, school and the workplace.

Been at the leading edge of education and learning since 1989. I was the first student ever at Lincoln University (New Zealand) to draw mind maps in lectures. This was new note taking method was found amusing by the lecturers.

Built on my personal research to graduate with a Masters Degree (Hons) thesis focusing on The Application of Accelerated Learning to Management Training with the NZIM (New Zealand Institute of Management).

Undertook PhD research on leadership development. As part of that I developed a theoretical base to extend Carl Jung’s model of Individuation (including its importance to leadership development). In the following years since 2001 my observations and experience proved accurate regarding this theoretical extension. The 9 pillar framework is a further refinement of this research and personal application.

Undertaken extensive training in counselling and communication skills. Internationally certified Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) since April 2000 and NLP counsellor (1995). See Richard Bolstad’s reference who was my supervisor at this time.

Employed full time in a High School after my Masters Degree teaching students these study skills. I worked with Christine Ward who has self published four books including Learning to Learn (which has sold over 100,000 copies and is still being reprinted 25 years later).

Undertook research at a high school showing students who attended my High School study skills classes increased grades of by an average of 10.6% (internal mid-year exams compared to external final exam results). The random control group who didn’t attend only increased a 5.6% in national final year exams. Please note; this was for 6 classes only and was not one-on-one tutoring which is more effective.

 I Worked in and consulted with schools, training teachers on training, being a Student Success Tutor, counsellor and workshop instructor.

Received parental feedback over 3 to 6 years after the academic life coaching is that students who had the private tutoring continued to improve and stay focused for long periods after coaching finished. I received comments like “he made it to university which I really didn’t expect” which was four years after coaching finished.

I used these Student Success skills sets in a postgraduate diploma in accounting which secured three job offers from global accounting firms. I was the first student at University of Canterbury to undertake Tax and Advanced Tax subjects at the same time, special permission was granted to allow this. The 15% grade jump shown in my academic record demonstrated I had the learning capacity to cope with an advanced subject while concurrently studying its pre-requisite.

Everything shared is from solid experience and actual achievement in these methods.

Role Model Excellence:
My Mentors

These two referees below are also role models and mentors in their fields. It has been a great gift to work with and be supervised by trailblazing these people. This service is to pass on this gift of a lifetime to others.

Richard Bolstad, PhD. World Leading NLP Trainer

I have trained and supervised Jason. He is committed to his clients and to the process of supervision, systematically reviewing and learning from each client case. He has rapidly integrated the core helping qualities and therapeutic techniques into his way of being with those he assists.
Jason prepares extremely thoroughly for each session, and operates with a clear understanding of the ethical guidelines underlying counselling.

His study skills programme is an inspired application of the latest accelerated learning techniques. He is a thorough, encouraging and personally respectful guide for those who are ready to reach more of their potential and discover skills they didn’t realise they had.

Jason has considerable training in the field of interpersonal skills, motivation, counselling and negotiation. He is a supportive and inspiring group leader, committed to the success of the people he works with. He takes the time to check others concerns, is respectfully assertive, and knows how to develop win-win solutions in a practical setting. Jason is one of those people who gives complete attention and energy to the project he is involved with. He’ll be up front, vitally involved in your organisation, and willing to go that extra kilometer for the success of a task. Jason would be a valuable resource in any organisation where team development, negotiation, and management skills are at a premium.

Richard Bolstad, PhD. World Leading NLP Trainer
Fellow Member Trainer of NLP (IANLP), Transformations International Consulting & Training Ltd, Author of 10 NLP books in over 8 languages

Christine Ward Founder of Brainfriendly Teaching and Learning.

“I had the pleasure of working with Jason Hopkinson, teaching study skills to students in the school where I was Head of Counselling.
Jason had developed a personal approach to mindmapping and associated skills which he passed on with enthusiasm and effectiveness to staff and teachers.

I am happy to endorse Jason’s new systems to train today’s youth in those essential skills which are vital to enable life-long learning.
Although we use digital systems for so much now, all learners need to understand and use their brain’s unique storage system, which does not work digitally.
Successful study has always required activation of body, mind, and spirit (head/hands/heart) which Jason calls the Learning State.

Jason Hopkinson knows about these connections and will use them, I’m sure, as an essential foundation for his study skills training. These skills he teaches gives students skills and confidence for life.”

Christine Ward Founder of Brainfriendly Teaching and Learning. Co-author of ‘Learning to Learn’, (100,000 physical books sold, self published)Author of ‘Study for Success’, ‘Teaching to Learn’, ‘The Parent’s Homework Handbook’.

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